The arrival of digital network trust

The arrival of digital network trust
The arrival of digital network trust

From our point of view, trust is the fundamental key for successful business. However, there is always a risk in digital business as people do not knowing each other personally.

According to the Edelman Trust Barometer (2018), the Trust Index suffered a decline in 10 of the 15 business sectors analysed. In addition, the Financial Cost of Fraud Report (Crowe UK, 2019) underlines that fraud losses represent 6,05% of DGP in the United Kingdom, corresponding to £ 3.89 trillion.

Globally, these factors end up contributing effectively to the loss of trust by both consumers and companies. In short, this ultimately leads to significant revenue losses in all business markets. 

In order to tackle this general uncertainty, it is necessary to reinvent new business models. Technology per se can play an important role in this needful change, namely blockchain technology.

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