Once upon a time, the Portuguese wished to discover a new world, unafraid of what they could find across the seas. In order to fulfil this desire, they invented and projected a unique type of ship called “nau” (carrack). This innovation allowed Portugal to sail away from the coast and navigate into the unknown. This deed echoed from the 15th century until our days, reminding us of our ancestor’s bravery and determination.

Now, in the 21st century, Nau21 invokes the same spirit regarding the smart use of technology. By working as an innovation lab, we, too, are focused on delivering innovation to our industries, including the Financial and Insurance industries, discovering new ways and solutions to boost businesses, and researching disrupting methods to apply top-notch Blockchain technology. We aim to evolve traditional processes, revolutionising and leveraging companies to their full potential.


  • Offering talent
  • Adding value with commitment
  • Leading Innovation


Bringing together a set of highly experienced professionals with more than 25 years in the Financial and Insurance industry, we are ready to successfully help you overcome your challenges.
Applying our software development skills with high standards of quality, including analysis, design, implementation, quality assurance and distribution.
Discovering new solutions always on the vanguard of technology. If you have a valuable idea, but you don't have enough software engineering skills to develop it, we are the partner you are looking for.


  • Rui Monteiro
  • Mariana Araújo
  • Melânia Carvalho
  • Cristiana Silva
  • António Carvalho
  • Cláudia Barbosa
  • Paulo Bastos
  • Gil Vieira
  • Diogo Pereira
  • Vitor Ribeiro
  • Tiago Mendes
  • Thiago Negrão


Product Strategy

Defining roadmaps aligned with business goals set by companies, in order to optimise current processes with disruptive technologies.

Digital Enabler

Defining impacting changes by using 3rd platform technologies such as Big Data & Analytics, Cloud, Mobile solutions and social presence.


Identifying the best approach to implement new ideas and business initiatives, bearing in mind integration, robustness and time to market.


Developing minimal viable products to test the market and attract potential investors and partners with the lowest cost possible.

Providing the best possible service to our customers. Contact us and find out more!

Technological research

Applying Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to traditional insurance business processes. Let's boost your business with them!
  • We're not
    just providers

    We want to be your partners, overcoming challenges and adding value to your business.


    We care about your business, that's why we're different.


    It's in our DNA. We're experienced in end-to-end product development for valuable clients.

Endless Satisfaction


Focused in adding value
Dare to provoke us

Contact Us

Rua Alfredo Allen n.º455,
4200-135 Porto,

E nau21@nau-21.com
T 220 301 530
M 919 297 678

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